Live Better Austin Counseling & Therapy PLLC offers affordable mental health services to young adults and adolescents. Live Better Austin serves the entire state of Texas through virtual telehealth services.

Live Better Austin Counseling & Therapy PLLC is owned and operated by Caitlin DeWeese- Licensed Professional Counselor- Associate (Supervised by Brittany Neece Whallen LPC-S, LMFT-S)

We can often be our own biggest roadblocks in life. Struggling with big emotions and the expectations of those around us can be hard to navigate. Caitlin believes learning to be accepting of your emotions and being kinder to yourself are crucial steps in working toward a more fulfilling life and higher quality relationships.

Caitlin offers short and long term therapy to individual clients 16 years and older. Caitlin conducts counseling and therapy in a virtual online format at this time.

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