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Live Better Austin Counseling & Therapy PLLC is owned and operated by Caitlin DeWeese (she/her)- Licensed Professional Counselor- Associate (Supervised by Brittany Whallen LPC-S, LMFT-S)

Are you ready to stop kicking your own ass all the time? Has "sucking it up" stopped working for you? Are you burned out as hell? Welcome to the world of self-compassion! I'm a therapist who helps clients take a step back from the grind we've been taught to excel in and accept. In our sessions, we will work to re-evaluate the systems we live in and how our distress is rooted in something bigger than ourselves. We will slowly and carefully learn to offer ourselves the same kindness we are always extending to others- it might be hard but it will be worth it.

I work with clients who have learned to be tough on themselves and are ready to try something different. Living this way can lead to depression, anxiety, burnout, boundary issues with friends, family, and work, and general dissatisfaction with life. I am LGBTQIA+ affirming, practice from a Health At Every Size lens, and believe deeply in social justice.

Live Better Austin Counseling & Therapy PLLC offers affordable mental health services to young adults and adolescents. Live Better Austin serves the entire state of Texas through virtual telehealth services.

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